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The most creative chocolate shaped power bank

The introduction of smart phones to facilitate life, but its long battery life of mobile power needs to complete. As  a smart phone small tail, not only have a "solid" power to support  life, but also the appearance of fashion pull the wind in order to  reflect the personal charm. Compared to other design neutral mobile power, mobile power mobile power chocolate one designed specifically for female users.
Appearance,  this chocolate mobile power with a common shape life in chocolate, not  looking really thought it was a piece of edible chocolate. Chocolate is the favorite food of most girls are, therefore, have the  appearance of chocolate this mobile power not only to look to get the  user's favorite.

In  addition to appearance, chocolate also has a 7000mAh mobile power large  capacity, even for users who travel a few days to go, take this mobile  power also has enough endurance. In addition, the mobile power supply also has a short-circuit  protection, thermal protection, over-voltage protection, over-discharge  protection, batteries protection, overcharge protection, over power  protection and overcurrent protection Yaesu is a real ease of use of  mobile power.

As  a secure, high-capacity and has a stylish "tasty" appearance of mobile  power, mobile power this chocolate has become the most popular consumer  mobile power is also reasonable.

chocolate power bank 3000mah.jpg